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About Go4Adventures

It all started one fine day when I let myself be persuaded by friends who followed my travels to create such a place on the web where I would post trip reports, travel photos and share my knowledge and experience. At first I even managed to occasionally write something or upload a few photos. In time, there was even my original project Cheap Travel Workshops, during which I passed on practical knowledge on how to explore the world cheaply.


After a while, due to the increasing number of people interested in traveling, I decided to give up my corporate job and decided to turn the portal into a travel agency – at the same time turning my passion into a way to continue living.


I thought that more than 20 years of experience in organizing various solo trips and tramping expeditions to different parts of our globe, more than 120 visited countries on 6 continents is a good base to start professionally fulfilling other people’s dreams of traveling, those closer and further.


I know from experience that traveling is addictive. It pulls you in, and I mean that a lot. I am constantly exploring the world on different levels, meeting interesting people, learning about other cultures, local cuisine, photographing what I meet on our way and I am constantly hungry for the world. Definitely, the appetite grows with food.



I was fortunate enough to encounter several like-minded passionate travelers on my path, with whom today we team up, put together programs and lead trips.


We specialize in trips to places that are less frequented or not so frequented. Of course, we also go to “classics” during our trips, but we also enlist the help of “locals” who take us to places completely unknown to tourists, often located off the beaten track. This allows us to see the true (not infrequently surprising) face of a country, the life of the local people and the beauty of the local nature – not just the all-too-familiar and ubiquitous commercialism.


We try to combine our trips with various interesting cultural (local festivals) or sports (marathons, diving, trekking) events in the countries we visit. We often see the world from the perspective of a helicopter, the back of a camel or an elephant, traveling through a city by tuk-tuk or diving in the ocean. All this makes our trips remain in the memory for a long time, and after returning everyone is eager for more.


I invite you to contact us and cooperate.

Wojtek Machnik


CEO & Founder


Why should you

Travel with Us?

Small groups

We travel in small groups. Usually these groups are between 6 and 12 people. This gives us more time for sightseeing and exploration, freedom and flexibility of travel as well as the ability to customize the program for each expedition participant.

Individualized Experience

We take into account the individual needs of the participants. If you have any special interests, care to visit a particular place or want to surprise the person you are traveling with - tell us about it before the trip. That way we will try to plan the tour to take into account your needs and expectations.

18 Years of Expertise

We have 20+ years of experience in organizing trips of various types. We have organised tramping expeditions, marathon tours, diving safaris, mountain hikes, as well as tailor-made incentive trips to various corners of the world.

Experienced Tour Leaders

The proper course of the expedition is always supervised by our experienced tour leaders. Throughout the whole trip they provide participants with their knowledge, experience and recommendations regarding places worth visiting, so that despite the enormity of the impressions, the expedition goes safely and smoothly.

Conscious Travelers

We are conscious travelers. Our team is united not only by a common passion for travel, but also by our approach to life and values. We explore the world on many levels and naturally want to take care of it as well. We are deeply aware that our travel behavior has a huge impact on local people and the environment. Therefore, we always respect the local culture, traditions and customs in the places we visit. As much as possible we avoid places where, for example, children are used for labor or captive animals are treated as a tourist attraction.

Solo Traveler Accommodation

We understand solo travelers. If you do not want to pay extra for a single room, we will accommodate you with another participant by prior arrangement. There are many advantages to traveling solo, but we know of cases of people who met on a trip and their friendship continues to this day.

Culinary Delights

An important part of any trip is the local cuisine. The multitude of flavors, aromas, smells and spices is why we try to eat in different places every day, so that trip participants can fully experience the richness of local cuisine.

Supporting Locals

We support the Locals. Despite our frequent visits to the countries we travel to, we like to use local businesses. We make sure that our money supports local economies and communities, and not necessarily multinationals. That's why during our expeditions we sleep in local hotels as much as possible, eat in local restaurants and use local partners who take us to places where the ubiquitous commercialism has not yet managed to reach. The oldest relationships established in Africa more than 12 years ago are still used by our groups today.
Traveling in intimate groups, in addition to classic means of transportation, makes it easier for us to use local transportation. Moving by local means of transport such as tuk-tuk or jeepney is a unique experience, which allows us to get closer to the real climate of a country.


Our Team

Graduate of two Silesian economic universities and an MBA in management. Traveler, globetrotter, photographer and tour guide. A man who can’t sit still.

He is passionate about traveling off the beaten path, foreign languages and learning about other cultures. He has completed many tramping, commercial and incentive expeditions to more than 120 countries on 6 continents.


He enjoys taking a break from the gray reality by drinking a glass of dry red wine and reviewing photos and videos of his travels.


In his free time, he runs his own project “Cheap Travel Workshops” and browses the world map looking for inspiration for the next interesting and original cross-country trips in the farthest corners of the world.


Privately, Wojtek is famous for his accurate retort, sense of humor and innate ADHD 🙂


His running resume includes more than 90 completed runs (ultramarathons, marathons, half-marathons). He has won the Crown of Polish Marathons and Half Marathons, completed the World Marathon Majors series and was the 26th Pole to be listed as a Six-Star Finisher, and is in the process of completing the Crown of World Marathons, with only the Antarctic marathon still missing for completion. He has run in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia, and has many more ideas for running tours of the world.


He discovered his running passion after taking many years off from all physical activities. After 12 years of working in various corporations, he found that continuing to sit behind a desk was not for him. Running drew him in strongly and he decided to continue on this path.


For Wojtek, running is an adventure in the first place, a challenge in the second place, and only in the third place a push for the result. In life, he follows the motto “You have to do what turns you on and what you enjoy” – and it is travel and running that turn him on. “I like to have time to run, not run for time,” he says. – With this attitude, he plans his next marathon starts.


Wojtek is the owner of the portal, and at he is responsible for organizing trips and contacts with foreign partners.

Chief Marketing Officer


Magda is a typical European citizen. Born in Poland, she grew up in France, where she graduated with a dual degree in foreign trade and translation. She also took part in an Erasmus program in Munich and later an internship in Austria. It was these student days that shaped her into languages and learning about other cultures.


Shortly after graduation, she found her first job in Zurich, where she still lives today. She is a mother of two toddlers and Polish, French, Swiss and English can often be heard in her home.


Business-wise, she has specialized in Digital Marketing for over 10 years, following her guiding principle of “Give value before asking for money.”

In his free time, he travels and gets endorphins from running.


As Business Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, he is responsible for relationships with partners around the world.

Customer Relationship Manager


She has always traveled only on her own and feeds our team with her experiences and knowledge. Totally in love with Asia, especially India, which is her second home. She has circumnavigated Vietnam on a motorcycle, worked in Bollywood, glacier climbed in Iceland and almost kissed the Himalayas.


At Go4Adventures, she is involved in the comprehensive design of tailor-made trips to even the farthest corners of the world. Want to scuba dive in paradisiacal Zanzibar, climb Kilimanjaro, travel the length and breadth of Colombia or try Saigon in Vietnam? Nothing is impossible for her!