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Any person who makes a purchase of Cheap Flying Bible or Cheap Sleeping Bible on the Globetrotter Bookstore website with the discount code: WTP10% will receive a 10% discount. The discount code can be used to purchase the books individually, as well as in a bundle.

The Cheap Flying Bible is the world’s first comprehensive manual showing how to travel by air cheaply (sometimes for free). How to buy airline tickets (often for $0). What rules govern ticket reservation systems and how you can not only bend the existing rules, but even make them not apply to you. The Cheap Flying Bible will make your main problem not where to get money for airline tickets, but where to get enough free time to make all the trips you already have tickets for….

The Cheap Flying Bible consists of 6 chapters and 4 appendices. The entire book is presented as follows:

Chapter 1: The beginning of the adventure of cheap flying

Chapter 2: Magic flights for 1 zloty

Chapter 3: Airline payments

Chapter 4: “Fuel Dumping”, or how to reduce the ticket price by the cost of the “fuel surcharge”

Chapter 5: Matrix without any secrets

Chapter 6: From zero to Frequent Flyer

Appendix 1: List of global online forums where users exchange information about super cheap airline connections

Appendix 2: Airline codes (as used in Matrix, as well as in online forums – with commentary)

Appendix 3: List of domains/countries to which it is worth switching multi-search engines when looking for fare errors

Appendix 4: Airport codes (as used in Matrix, as well as in online forums – with commentary)

An integral part of the book is a dedicated Facebook group where super cheap flight offers are published. Only people who have purchased books directly from the publisher are admitted to this group.

An integral part of the book is also a dedicated newsletter, which sends, among other things, discount codes, book updates, information on fare errors, etc.

We especially recommend the Cheap Flying Bible website, where you can sign up for a free online seminar that will convince you that this book is worth owning. The site also offers free guides and practical information useful to any traveler.

The Cheap Sleep Bible is a book that will make you stay in hotels even for free. The first manual that shows how to look for errors in hotel reservation systems, how to exploit these errors and how to protect yourself from cancellations of tickets purchased as a result of a reservation system error. All written in simple and accessible language with a large dose of humor. Absolutely practical knowledge, zero theory, only practical exercises.

The Bible of cheap sleeping will be useful for you no matter if you are a globetrotter who travels the world hitchhiking, or the owner of a thriving company who wants to save thousands of zlotys on business travel. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be booking hotel accommodation for the first time or the hundredth time after reading it. It will certainly be as cheap as ever.

The Cheap Sleep Bible consists of 8 chapters and 2 appendices. The whole is presented as follows:

Chapter 1: And you will be given a very cheap night’s stay…. Find your dream accommodation

Chapter 2: Supert cheap lodging – the origins of errors in lodging booking systems

Chapter 3: Where, how and why, i.e. an overview of accommodation booking portals and a discussion of the mistakes that occur on them – how to find them and how to take advantage of them

Chapter 4: Techniques for finding and enforcing rate errors in hotel reservation systems

Chapter 5: How to protect yourself against cancellation of reservations bought “after an error”?

Chapter 6: The loyal tourist, or the thing about loyalty programs

Chapter 7: With the eye of a practitioner: a dishonest tourist, a dishonest hotel, a dishonest OTA. How to defend yourself in extreme situations?

Chapter 8: For free and without combining, or Couchsurfing

Appendix 1: List of airlines with IATA codes and information on which country the airlines come from

Appendix 2: Useful web addresses

We especially recommend the Cheap Sleep Bible website, where you can sign up for a free video training course that will convince you that this book is worth owning. The site also offers examples of cheap accommodations and a blog with news and current promotions.


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